Raafat Ishak

Raafat Ishak and Helga Groves at Counihan Gallery

Raafat Ishak and Helga Groves are included in The Space We Live, the Air We Breathe at Counihan Gallery, Moreland City Council. The exhibition brings together seven local artists in a poetic rendering of the creative life of Moreland. Importantly, the artists in this show are social commentators, forever casting an eye on their social and political surrounds. The artworks included build an interesting dialogue, emphasising Moreland as a hotbed of creative and socio-political discourse.

Raafat Ishak and John Meade in Conners Conners inaugural exhibition

Raafat Ishak and John Meade are included in portico, the inaugural exhibition at Conners Conners, a new non-profit exhibition space at Fitzroy Town Hall.

Conners Conners
Fitzroy Town Hall, behind the central terrace on Napier St
21 November – 21 December, 2019