Matt Hinkley in ‘Always Thinking Like A Scrim’ at SHIMMER, Rotterdam

A series of new drawings by Matt Hinkley are currently on show in the group exhibition Always Thinking Like A Scrim at SHIMMER in Rotterdam, NL.

Taking it’s title from a text written by artists Etel Adnan and Lynn Marie Kirby in 2020, Always Thinking Like A Scrim explores the life cycle of textiles, considering them as a means to speak a language that crosses cultures, but also goes underneath them. Providing opportunities to talk about things that you can not say in any other medium, textiles are envisioned here as barometers of our lives.

Working on the minute scale, Hinkley’s works are made slowly and need to be met with equal attention. The drawings’ movement ripples like lace, or turns like a thermohygrograph, changing with each work. This particular series has been made with the Rotterdam port’s view in mind, given it’s visual position of primacy being seen from the exhibition space’s windows.

Always Thinking Like A Scrim
SHIMMER, Rotterdam, NL
3 March – 26 May 2024

Nicholas Mangan in ‘underfoot’ at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

Nicholas Mangan is participating in the group exhibition entitled underfoot, currently on show at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery as a part of the Auckland Arts Festival 2024.

The exhibition features work by artists from Aotearoa and Australia for which whenua (organic earth matter) is utilised in a range of poetic ways to quite literally give body and voice to the land. Connecting recent material enquiries by contemporary artists from the region, the exhibition emphasises a sentient, inextricable relation to earth through a spectrum of geological conditions and potentialities. underfoot draws on precolonial and speculative modes to engage a more reciprocal dialogue between us and the subterranean make-up of our home planet.

Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland
9 March – 12 May 2024

Gian Manik at Gertrude Glasshouse

Gertrude Glasshouse will present a solo exhibition by Gian Manik, You own the school, embrace your responsibility for its legacy.

Harnessing imitative techniques honed during a childhood spent voraciously copying old master paintings, Gian Manik recasts and filtrates Caravaggio’s second version of Supper at Emmaus (1606) for the exhibition. By speculating upon the futures and legacies of reproduced artworks, the exhibition demonstrates a research-led practice responding to the ontology of “institutional painting,” that has been canonised in western art history.

Manik will be in conversation with curator Amelia Winata on Saturday, 13 April at 4pm in Gertrude Glasshouse, discussing the considerations and drives behind the exhibition and its positioning when situated within the artist’s wider practice.

Gian Manik
You own the school, embrace your responsibility for its legacy
Gertrude Glasshouse
12 April – 11 May 2024

Opening Event: Thursday 11 April, 6–8pm

Nicholas Mangan: A World Undone | MCA Exhibition Catalogue

We are excited to announce the release of the exhibition catalogue Nicholas Mangan: A World Undone (2024).

Published to coincide with the Australian artist’s survey exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Nicholas Mangan: A World Undone showcases works created by an artist pushing sculpture to new limits. This richly illustrated publication combines artwork, archival and process imagery, and includes an extended interview with the artist, as well as new essays by key thinkers in the fields of anthropology, philosophy, political economy and art history. 

256 pages, 20 x 27 cm, softcover, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Australia (Sydney) x Lenz Press (Milan).

Ann Debono at CAVES

Ann Debono has curated the exhibition Gardener’s Ellipse at CAVES in Naarm/Melbourne, featuring new paintings by Debono, Annika Koops and Daichi Tagaki. The exhibition employs the gardener’s method of tracing an ellipse in the soil to demarcate and plot unformed earth as a conceptual point of departure that elucidates and characterises three painter’s practices, as that which oscillates between poles of reality and idealism, figuration and abstraction.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a zine and essay by Debono which touches on gardens, geometry, movies and painting.

Gardener’s Ellipse
CAVES, Naarm/Melbourne
30 March – 20 April, 2024

Raafat Ishak in conversation at the National Museum of Australia

Raafat Ishak will feature in the panel conversation Living Egypt: Exploring Contemporary Expressions of Culture, Creativity & Identity at the National Museum of Australia in Ngambri/Canberra.

A collateral event for the ongoing exhibition Discovering Ancient Egypt, the discussion (which additionally includes actor and artist Helen Sawires and academic Dr Lucia Sorbera) will consider contemporary Egyptian cultural expressions, encompassing art, film, literature and more. The panelists will engage in and scrutinise the manifold ways in which contemporary life in Egypt and the Egyptian diaspora continues to be shaped by and has subsequently revisited the traditions of ancient civilisations.

Living Egypt (Artist talk)
National Museum of Australia, Ngambri/Canberra
Thursday, 4 April 2024, 18:00 – 19:30 AEDT

Please note that this event is ticketed and booking is required.

Anne Ferran in ‘Australian Female Photographers’ at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery

Anne Ferran’s seminal diptych Scenes on the Death of Nature (Scene I & II), 1986, is currently featured in a group exhibition Australian Female Photographers: From the Collection. The exhibition highlights forerunning women artists who have experimented and made decisive contributions to develop and further the rich tradition of photography in Australia throughout the past century.

Australian Female Photographers: From the Collection
Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Horsham, VIC
17 February – 16 June 2024

Gian Manik in the Bayside Painting Prize

Congratulations to Gian Manik, whose painting Self belief, insanity, literature and human culture (2023) has been selected for the Bayside Painting Prize 2024.

A celebration of contemporary Australian painting, the Bayside Painting Prize brings together a broad range of artists whose varied approaches to the painted medium conveys the breadth and diversity of painting today. The finalist exhibition at the Bayside Gallery in Brighton, VIC, will showcase the selected painting from each shortlisted artist.

Bayside Painting Prize 2024
Bayside Gallery, Brighton, VIC
3 May – 23 June 2024

Arlo Mountford at Assembly Point

Arlo Mountford’s installation Revolutions is currently on show at the vitrine space Assembly Point in Southbank, Naarm/Melbourne, in the centre of the city’s Arts Precinct.

Situated firmly within a busy public thoroughfare, this installation comprises a series of mechanical thaumatropes mounted onto wooden trestles. A nineteenth century toy, the thaumatrope presents a paper disk that spins rapidly, creating an optical illusion through which a total image emerges. In Mountford’s work Revolutions, the phrases “It’s time.” and “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!” arise through this accelerated motion, instating a familiar, verbalised text in this unfamiliarised public setting. In this regard, the phrases emerge through an absence of authorship; blurred directives in a busy section of the city which emanate out of a dark vitrine, the works circumvent further context, instead presenting as sinister affirmations that question the present, future and past.

Arlo Mountford
Assembly Point, Southbank, VIC
28 February – 31 March 2024

Ann Debono at Metro Arts

Metro Arts in Brisbane will present a solo exhibition of new works by Ann Debono that respond to the construction site of the Westgate Bypass Flyover, entitled Bypass Blue Abyss.

Composing the paintings from photographs taken of the site over the course of two years, this exhibition considers how Modernist values of velocity, progress, efficiency, and growth are materialised in the built environment.

On the theme of the exhibition, Debono has explained her understanding of the Westgate Bridge construction project as “as a massive, spectacular sculpture: intensely synthetic and ahuman, animated by vehicles and machinery; trains, lorries, cars, loading cranes, construction machinery and container ships.”

Ann Debono
Bypass Blue Abyss
Metro Arts, Meanjin/Brisbane
4 May – 1 June 2024

Rosslynd Piggott in ‘A Space Between’ at Heide Museum of Modern Art

Rosslynd Piggott painting Divided Bridge (1997) is featured in the group exhibition Heide Modern: A Space Between currently on show at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Heide Modern: A Space Between explores the concept of home as a site where conversations, recreation, labour, intimate relationships and closely held values and beliefs cohabitate. The exhibition centres around the profound consideration of how architecture fundamentally shapes lived experience. The original furniture from David McGlashan is displayed alongside a selection of artworks from the John and Sunday Reeds personal collection, together with the museum’s wider holdings which have continued to develop in the decades since Heide opened to the public in 1981. The show reflects on ideas of memory and domesticity, and the intersection of private and public life in the context of a former residence turned public art museum.

Heide Modern: A Space Between
Heide Museum of Modern Art, Naarm/Melbourne
20 February – 14 July 2024

Vivienne Binns in ‘Staging Oneself’ at Cairns Art Gallery

Vivienne Binns’ video work Self-portrait Self-image (1980) is featured in the group exhibition ‘Staging Oneself: Photography and New Media Self-Portraits by Women Artists’ currently on show at Cairns Art Gallery.

Staging Oneself examines the creative ways in which contemporary women artists use role play, disguise, and self-portraiture to explore womanhood and female identity within the public and private spheres. Using photography and new media, these self-portraits reveal a complex interpretation and understanding of identity informed by real and imagined experiences.

Vivienne Binns’ video work Self-portrait Self-image (1980) consists of an interview and a two-channel slideshow – one depicting the life of her mother Joyce, and the other revealing events from corresponding years in the artist’s life. The artist’s work seeks to give value to hitherto ignored, and subverted aspects of women’s lives, questioning notions of self-identity, along with the colliding public and private worlds inhabited.

Staging Oneself: Photography and New Media Self-Portraits by Women Artists
Cairns Art Gallery
24 February – 19 May 2024

Peter Robinson participating in the symposium ‘The in and the out of it’ at Artspace Aotearoa

On the occasion of the two-person exhibition Priorities: Charlotte Posenenske and Peter Robinson at Artspace Aotearoa, the institution will host a symposium entitled ‘The in and the out of it’ on Saturday 9th March.

The symposium aims to explore the zones of the artworld(s) by presenting a variety of positions from across the motu spanning artistic practice; collection politics; and the productions of art history. During the symposium, Peter Robinson will be in conversation with artist Ngahuia Harrison to discuss the exciting yet ambivalent process of moving work from a studio, community, or whānau context, into the public realm. They will address questions such as ‘What types of supportive protocols do artists establish to navigate this?’ and ‘What is the in and the out of the studio?’ throughout the talk, which will be followed by a Q&A.

This symposium is a Chartwell 50th Anniversary 2024 Project. Space is limited and booking is essential.

The in and the out of it (Symposium)
Artspace Aotearoa
Saturday, 9 March 2024
10:00 – 15:30 NZDT

Gordon Bennett, Karen Black and Kate Smith in Thresholds at Murray Art Museum Albury

Artworks by Gordon Bennett, Karen Black and Kate Smith are included in the group exhibition Thresholds currently on show at the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), NSW.

This exhibition showcases recent museum acquisitions, placing new works in dialogue with longstanding fixtures that represent the collection’s strengths. Thresholds considers to a process-led development of collecting and the variables of working with collections, contemplating where artworks can exist as portals to an ever-expanding world of unexpected sites and unanticipated tangents.

Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), NSW
23 February – 10 June 2024

Review: Helen Hughes, “John Meade at McClelland Art Gallery”, ArtForum

Read Helen Hughes’ insightful review of John Meades’s recent exhibition It’s Personal! at McClelland Gallery in ArtForum, March 2024.

“Meade has honed his craftsmanship across an impressive range of materials and methods (including resin, fiberglass, and enamel, as well as casting and TIG welding) so as to produce taut surfaces that rebuff, or perhaps even deny, interiority. Whether deployed as a veil or as armor, Meade’s exteriors disarm the relationship between a subject and its knowability.”

Nusra Latif Qureshi at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

We are thrilled to announce that Nusra Latif Qureshi will be the subject of a forthcoming solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) later this year. This marks the first major solo exhibition of the artist’s work in an Australian institution, tracing Qureshi’s 30-year career.

Known for her intricately composed miniature paintings that draw simultaneously on historical and contemporary references, the artist’s experimentational practice parses out the ambivalence of tradition through a comprehensive methodology that extends to collage and photography.

The exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales will be accompanied by a comprehensive publication, featuring essays by local and international writers that explore the significance of the artist’s practice within contemporary Australian art.

Nusra Latif Qureshi
Art Gallery of New South Wales
9 November 2024 – 9 February 2025

Laresa Kosloff: New Futures™ at Benalla Art Gallery

Benalla Art Gallery will present Laresa Kosloff: New Futures™, a presentation of the artist’s recent video works, Radical Acts (2020) and the titular New Futures™ (2021).

Rendered from generic, commercial stock footage, Kosloff’s work elicits acerbic criticism from dystopian, unsettling stories that invoke the mundanity of corporate-led late-capitalist societies. Often entwining darkly humorous themes with uncanny yet fathomable storylines, Kosloff manipulates and edits stock footage to constantly shift narratives, presenting alternative and speculative futures unshackled from the authorial presence of the artist. These works in turn often attend to matters of moral corruption, political apathy, tensions between socio-cultural values and representation in the public realm.

Laresa Kosloff: New Futures™ is an official exhibition of PHOTO 2024 International Festival of Photography, a major biennial of new photography and ideas taking place from 1–24 March in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Laresa Kosloff: New Futures™
Benalla Art Gallery
23 February – 28 April 2024

Gordon Bennett: Thin Lines at Melbourne Art Fair

Sutton Gallery is pleased to present Gordon Bennett: Thin Lines, fourteen abstract line paintings on paper from the highly acclaimed contemporary artist Gordon Bennett.

The presentation comprises a series of paintings exhibited at Melbourne Art Fair for the first time in their history, twenty years on from their production in February 2004, and ten years on from the artist’s untimely passing.

Melbourne Art Fair
Booth C2
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
22–25 February

Catherine Bell in ‘One foot on the ground, one foot in the water’ at Caboolture Regional Art Gallery

Catherine Bell’s series of hand-carved sculptures from floral foam, Final resting place (2018–19), will be on show at the Caboolture Regional Art Gallery as a part of the touring group exhibition One foot on the ground, one foot in the water.

On tour from NETS Victoria, the exhibition centres the practices of artists who explicate materially the precarity of our contemporary condition. Yoking thematics of mortality through a material practice, harnessing the lingering uncertainty and infinite permutations of future, this show weaves an inseparable link between life and death through a considered collation of contemporary artists in Australia.

One foot on the ground, one foot in the water
Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, Caboolture, QLD
9 March – 1 June 2024

Priorities: Charlotte Posenenske and Peter Robinson at Artspace Aotearoa

Artspace Aotearoa will present a two-person exhibition showcasing the work of seminal German artist Charlotte Posenenske (1930–1985) and leading Aotearoa artist Peter Robinson. Coupled together here to examine how each artist establishes grammars of expression by testing out systems of assembly, seriality, and repetition, Priorities: Charlotte Posenenske and Peter Robinson will showcase each artist’s proficiency to push at the intrinsic nature of space and its undeniably social potential.

Presented in dialogue here, the presentation at Artspace Aotearoa examines the process through which their respective work asks fundamental questions of us as an audience: what are the rules of engagement here? How do we relate to one another? Do we want to participate in this? What happens next? Expanding on this, both artists have necessarily wrestled with the legitimacy of art and the artworld as a territory where change can happen. Spanning sculpture, painting, film, and archival documentation, in this exhibition we encounter an arc of contemporary sculptural practice that calls up its very emergence as a Western construct in mid 20th-century Europe to our present-day Aotearoa.

In this artworld-in-the-world we are invited to consider our bodies in relation to edges, where one thing ends and another begins. This activates the spatio-political quality of time with both artists tapping into this ambiguity: time as a monetizable measure, as an expressive singularity, as a language. This exhibition dives into form: waka, or tongues, or chimneys, or motorways, as well as the labour that it takes to produce all of this—our world in which we live together.

Priorities: Charlotte Posenenske and Peter Robinson
Artspace Aotearoa
10 February – 6 April 2024

Nusra Latif Qureshi Artist Talk at MK Gallery

Nusra Latif Qureshi will take part in the Beyond the Page Conference at the MK Gallery in Milton Keynes on the occasion of the artist’s inclusion in the landmark group exhibition currently on view at the museum, Beyond the Page: South Asian Miniature Painting and Britain, 1600 to Now.

Artists, art historians and authors will gather for a day-long interdisciplinary discussion of the entangled histories of Britain and South Asia, their impact on the evolution of the miniature painting tradition and its revival as an aesthetic and critical force in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Nusra Latif Qureshi
Beyond the Page Conference
MK Gallery (Milton Keynes, UK)
19 January 2024
10:00 – 17:00 GMT

Please note this event is ticketed and has a limited capacity for in-person attendance. There will be an online version of the conference which will be live-streamed throughout the day (booking required).

Kate Beynon Painting Workshop at the National Portrait Gallery

Kate Beynon will lead a portrait painting workshop at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra/Ngambri on Saturday 20th January.

Inspired by her Archie100 work ‘Self-portrait with Guardian Spirits’ (2010), in addition to the artist’s additional Archibald Prize selected portraits, Kate Beynon will share her ‘Archie’ insights and guide participants through a painting workshop to depict one’s family (and furry friends). Through the use of watercolour, gouache and metallic pigments, attendees will create their own mini portraits by exploring supernatural elements such as guardian spirits, shapeshifting and talismans.

Kate Beynon
Workshop: Supernatural Fam Faces
National Portrait Gallery (Canberra/Ngambri)
20 January 2024
11:00 – 14:00 AEDT

Please note this event is ticketed and has a limited capacity.

Aleks Danko in ‘Old Dog New Tricks’ at Ngununggula

Aleks Danko’s sculpture ‘Log Dog’ (1970) is currently on show in the exhibition ‘Old Dog New Tricks’ at Ngununggula.

Presenting works by artists who use the canine to interrogate modes of communication, the exhibition re-examines and re-frames mythology, alternative biologies by showcasing a menagerie of creatures who resist classification. Here, dogs are our muses, collaborators, guides, protectors, comedians, companions and shrines. This exhibition celebrates the implosion of nature and culture through the intertwined lives of dogs and people.

Old Dog New Tricks
18 November – 4 February 2024

Mia Boe in ‘From the other side’ at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Mia Boe in included in the group exhibition ‘From the other side’ currently on show at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).

Embedding the self within a distorted scenography of quintessential Australian cinema, the artist re-populates film stills from ‘Walkabout’ and ‘Wake in Fright’ (both 1971) through the figuration of a spectral presence painted atop the lightbox surface.

Boe has produced two new works, ‘A Desolate Primitive Place’ and ‘I Suspect’ (both 2023) that mark the artist’s first employment of the lightbox as an agent of display and support. The silhouetted figures laid upon this illuminated surface disquiet the sinister and tension-filled spaces in each frame, reasserting presence in instances of narrative cinema which proliferate a jarring and ambiguous relationship to space and place.

Curated by Jessica Clark and Elyse Goldfinch, the exhibition brings together nineteen Australian and international artists, integrating historical and contemporary works alongside key new commissions that draw upon horror’s capacity to transgress and destabilise forms of power and subjugation. The exhibition casts a lens upon feminist, queer and non-binary subjectivities to consider the transgressive pleasures and liberations of horror, as makers, masters and consumers of the genre.

From the other side
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
9 December 2023 – 3 March 2024