Nick Selenitsch Structural Goals

1 – 30 July 2011
Structural Goal 3
Nick Selenitsch

Structural Goal 3

, 2011
Wood, enamel paint and synthetic string
56 x 110 x 29cm

Building on Selenitsch’s interest in game play, Structural Goals presents a series of works that can loosely be described as undersized, multi-coloured architectonic soccer goals. While recreational objects such as spinning tops, kites and Frisbees have all previously featured in his practice, the representation of ‘goals’ – in the form of basketball hoops, targets and cricket stumps – has become a key motif. Here Selenitsch playfully modifies his “goals” to create a game with no obvious rules; an art-game – or cognitive-game – where the act of goal-orientation is the phenomena being scrutinised.

Selenitsch’s constructions are curious forms: familiar yet released from any identifiable function. Whether hung inwardly on the gallery wall or immobilised and venerated atop custom tables, the structures exist both as model and final product. They relate as much to the language of building schemes as they do to goals themselves. Creative alterations to the ‘goal’ structure such as extra ‘posts’ or ‘legs’ and other lyrical moments formalise this in-between status.

A shift towards a more formally-based expression is also readily observable in Selenitsch’s current practice. In part, this change can be seen as a result of the artist’s studio re-location to Northcote. Taking inspiration from industrial and semi-industrial forms around him – air-vents, mesh-screens, fences, gates and even a sports club shed – Selenitsch has incorporated these forms of modernity to explore the aesthetics of sport. The result is a unique elemental language where the impulse to achieve the goal of singular understanding is both continuously acknowledged and endlessly eschewed.

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