Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell: The Remains of the Day cover

Catherine Bell: The Remains of the Day

The publication documents and discusses Catherine Bell’s new body of work The Remains of the Day. With an in-depth essay by Caroline Durre, which discusses Bell’s ongoing exploration of death, desire, mourning and hope. Bell gives new life to disregarded materials, creating objects which speak to the departed and to the act of bearing witness.

Publisher Impact Digital

Date 2014

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Catherine Bell: We Die As We Live cover

Catherine Bell: We Die As We Live

This publication documents a yearlong, socially-engaged art in health project supported by City of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital Artist Residency Program. The project engaged over one hundred staff working at Caritas Christi Hospice and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s oncology and palliative care wards. The creative responses document each participant’s experience of death and what is meaningful in their lives. The exhibition, We Die As We Live (2017) at St Vincent’s Private Hospital invited the public to reflect on these works and the themes of mortality and remembrance they explore.

Publisher Australian Catholic University

Date 2017

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Catherine Bell: Street Strollers of New York cover

Catherine Bell: Street Strollers of New York

Street strollers of New York is a sequence of photographs that document African-American nannies shuttling white children through the affluent mid-town streets of Manhattan. Catherine Bell’s interest in this subject grew out of her own experience working as a nanny in London; she embarked on this project with the notion to pay tribute to an under-acknowledged workforce. While there is a significant tradition in documentary photography of images of heroic workers, Bell’s images of African-American nannies belong to another tradition altogether – that of the clandestine street photograph. In these pictures, taken with a hidden camera and for the most part without the subject’s knowledge, Bell has cast each nanny in the role of a fugitive.

Publisher Monash Gallery of Art

Date 2014

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