Hugo Blomley The Work Becomes the Reward (turbine sculptures)

9 July –
6 August 2022
The Work Becomes the Reward (turbine sculptures)
Hugo Blomley

The Work Becomes the Reward (turbine sculptures)

, 2022
Fibreglass, 2k Epoxy Primer, Sikaflex 227
Dimensions variable
Ed. of 2 + 1AP

Hugo Blomley’s exhibition, The Work Becomes the Reward (turbine sculptures), presents new works derived from a drawing of the central shaft of a gas turbine. The shaft functions as a spine for the machine, allowing the turbine assembly and compressor to rotate in unison.

Blomley is interested in intersecting ideas around entropy, labour, and the production and circulation of energy. Here, the artist has mediated the entropic process to create machinic objects of ambiguous function. Fluctuating between latency and continuity, the familiar and the abstract, Blomley’s apparatuses resist legibility and might read as remnants of the past or propositions for the future.

Artist biography:

Working primarily in sculpture, Hugo Blomley is interested in the entropic tendencies of the production and circulation of industrial and cultural forms. His work is engaged with practices of speculation and the reconstruction of historical forms. In turn, the work limns relationships of dependency and ordered hierarchies, attempting to illustrate some sort of chaos.

Blomley completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2020. In 2018, he was awarded the Maude Glover Fleay Scholarship. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours, at Monash University. Blomley also has a collaborative practice with Clara Joyce; together they run NWEB, a curatorial project with an adaptive methodology interested in the potential of collaboration and organisation.