Hilarie Mais + Conor O'Shea Linear Systems

4 – 25 February 2023
Linear Systems
Hilarie Mais & Conor O'Shea

Linear Systems

, 2023
Installation view, Sutton Projects
Photography: Rudi Williams

Responding to shared artistic sensibilities, long-time friends, artists, and gallerists, Hilarie Mais and Connor O’Shea present a suite of synergic works at Sutton Projects.

Hilarie Mais (b. 1952 in Leeds, England) makes abstract constructions and paintings that merge the formal structure of the grid with more organic forms found in nature, in particular the patterns and sequences underpinning growth in biological forms. Mais has a BA from Winchester School of Art, London and an MA from Slade School of Fine Art, London. Mais lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Selected solo exhibitions: Hilarie Mais, Downs & Ross, New York 2022; Hilarie Mais, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria 2018; Hilarie Mais, Drill Hall University Gallery, ANU, Canberra 2018; Hilarie Mais, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 2017; Hilarie Mais, William Wright Artists Projects, Sydney 2012; Hilarie Mais, John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne 2011; Hilarie Mais, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne 2008; Hilarie Mais, Sherman Galleries, Sydney 2007; Hilarie Mais, Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York 1981; Hilarie Mais, Cuningham Ward Gallery, New York 1979; Hilarie Mais, Madeline Carter Gallery, Boston 1979.

Selected group exhibitions: KNOW MY NAME: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now, National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne 2021; Visions of Utopia, Penrith Regional Gallery, Penrith, UK 2017; Artist Profile: Australasian Painters 2007 – 2017, Orange Regional Gallery, New South Wales 2017; Abstraction: The Heide Collection: From Nolan to the ’90s, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne 2015; National Self-Portrait Prize 2015, The University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane 2015; Vibrant Matter,  TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria; Southern Reflections: Ten Contemporary Australian Artists, touring Northern Europe 1998–1999, Kulturhuset, Stockholm 1999; Tokyo International Art Festival, Kokusai Forum, Tokyo 1997; Systems End: Contemporary Art in Australia, OXY Gallery, Osaka and Hakone Open-Air Museum, Tokyo 1996.

Conor O’Shea (b. 1991 in Stuttgart, Germany) has a BFA from the National Art School, Sydney. He’s practice is characterised by repetition, patterning, and chance. O’Shea lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Selected solo exhibitions: Drawing and Sculpture, Kronenberg Mais Wright Sydney 2022; Energy Stains, Loggia, Munich 2018; Thank you for your email and interest, but this won’t be possible, Minerva, Sydney 2016. Selected group exhibitions: The Drawing Is Just Not There, Westspace, Melbourne 2018; Spring 1883, Minerva, Sydney 2017; I refuse to participate in failure, Spreez, Munich 2015.