Matt Hinkley in ‘Always Thinking Like A Scrim’ at SHIMMER, Rotterdam

A series of new drawings by Matt Hinkley are currently on show in the group exhibition Always Thinking Like A Scrim at SHIMMER in Rotterdam, NL.

Taking it’s title from a text written by artists Etel Adnan and Lynn Marie Kirby in 2020, Always Thinking Like A Scrim explores the life cycle of textiles, considering them as a means to speak a language that crosses cultures, but also goes underneath them. Providing opportunities to talk about things that you can not say in any other medium, textiles are envisioned here as barometers of our lives.

Working on the minute scale, Hinkley’s works are made slowly and need to be met with equal attention. The drawings’ movement ripples like lace, or turns like a thermohygrograph, changing with each work. This particular series has been made with the Rotterdam port’s view in mind, given it’s visual position of primacy being seen from the exhibition space’s windows.

Always Thinking Like A Scrim
SHIMMER, Rotterdam, NL
3 March – 26 May 2024