Laresa Kosloff, ‘Capital’ at IMA, Brisbane

Laresa Kosloff’s film trilogy La Perruque (2019), Radical Acts (2020) and New Futures™ (2021) is currently on view at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. These fables explicitly tell tales of resistance, while implicitly questioning representation in the public realm.

In La Perruque (2019), an errant office worker writes a novel while at work, imagining his co-workers to be characters in his fantastical narrative. In Radical Acts (2020), climate scientists clandestinely distribute a pathogen that renders corporate workers less productive and more susceptible to non-profit motivations. In New Futures™ (2021), a war is waged between industrious, hyper-charismatic ‘synthetic’ personalities tailored for commercial success and disgruntled hackers nostalgic for an apathetic past.

Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
09 September–16 December 2023