Mia Boe in ‘the Dingo Project: Wongar’

Mia Boe is featured in ‘the Dingo Project: Wongar’ at Hervey Bay Regional Gallery, Queensland until 21 May 2023.
Originally curated for Ngununggula in the NSW Southern Highlands, ‘The Dingo Project: Wongari’ shifts the focus of Djon Mundine’s curatorial project to Butchulla country and the Wongari of K’gari. Featuring artists from across the country alongside Butchulla perspectives, The Dingo Project: Wongari investigates the spiritual mythology and historical narratives that connect dingoes to Aboriginal Australia.
Artists include Joel Barney, Mia Boe, Dan Boyd, Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation and Butchulla Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, Michael Cook, Judith Crispin, Karla Dickens, Blak Douglas, Maddison Gibbs, Warwick Keen, Teena McCarthy, Lin Onus and Jason Wing.
Curated by Djon Mundine.