Rosslynd Piggott at Heide

Take a trip to Heide Modern to see Rosslynd Piggott in the exhibition ‘wHole’, curated by Melissa Keys.
‘wHole’ takes modernist sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s fascination with masses, voids, piercings and hollows as a point of departure to explore the enduring interest that artists have in the phenomena of openings and absences. ‘wHole’ draws together a diverse range of transhistorical and transnational artworks alongside an exciting series of new commissions by leading contemporary Australian artists.
Heide Museum of Modern Art
14 Nov 2022 – 26 Feb 2023
Image: Rosslynd Piggott, ‘self and breathing hole – 117 days in Japan no 1’, 1997-98, type-c photograph, 92 x 64cm.