Helen Johnson in ‘Homo sacer: life unlawed’

Helen Johnson is featured in curated exhibition ‘Homo sacer: life unlawed’ at LaTrobe Art Insitute from 14 Feb to 7 May 2023.

This exhibition explores the idea of homo sacer (literally, ‘sacred man’). Homo sacer is an ancient Roman legal idea that a person who has been removed from and placed out of the law and society, or from whom law has been withdrawn, could be killed without consequence. Through a group of sculptures, paintings and video artworks, the Homo sacer: life unlawed exhibition demonstrates how the law is not only embedded in (our) bodies, but creates the particular sense of material and social reality that we perceive in the everyday world.

Artists include: Martha Atienza, Jonathan Baldock, Kait James, Helen Johnson, Nick Modrzewski, Jack Ky Tan and the Victorian Bar
Guest curators: Nick Modrzewski and Jack Ky Tan