Elizabeth Gower in <> at Project8

<> explores creative reduction and expansion in abstraction by playfully presenting art that can be approached intellectually and experientially. Elizabeth Gower is among 12 international and local artists who continue in the century-long tradition of contesting assumptions that art need be restricted to rectangular pictorial planes, placed flat against the wall, featuring recognisable references to the known world. Indeed, the edges of a work are no longer a boundary but rather something continuous with the world, both materially and imaginatively.

Artists: Kjell Bjørgeengen, Irina Danilovah, Rachael Daisy Dodd, Jessie French, Elizabeth Gower, Ripley Kavara (aka Lakatoi), Carol Cheng Mastroianni, Salvatore Panatteri, Phebe Parisia, Layla Vardo, Oscar Yanez and Alan Zhao.
Curated by Cūrā8.

< >
22 April – 27 May 2023