Yasmin Hopkins Wild asparagus

29 July –
26 August 2023

In the exhibition Wild asparagus, Yasmin Hopkins presents a suite of paintings created with charcoal, oil paint, pigment, rabbit skin glue, oil stick, medium, ink and wax. Referencing imagery from her personal collection, art history and mythology, she paints forms and figures with loose linear gestures and swathes of colour. Hopkins’ subjects and medium appear to wrestle with each other, and as forms emerge or recede, the action and materiality of painting remains at the fore. This jostle creates a delicate tension that produces paintings loaded with colour, movement and awareness.

Yasmin Hopkins (b. 1999 Devon, UK) is a painter who graduated in 2021 from the Victorian College of the Arts (honous).

Selected exhibitions include Wild asparagus, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, 2023; Supine Glacier, TCB, Melbourne, 2022; Two keys, four corners, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, 2022; 2021 VCA Grad Show, Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery, Melbourne, 2021; Woven Projects, Woven Collective Projects, Melbourne, 2021; Of Bio-Dwelling and Freighted Spaces, 2021; …a straight line towards the unknown, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, 2021; Toys-R-Us, Second Space Projects, Melbourne, 2021; and Red/Re-Read, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, 2019.