Rudi Williams unfixed:
σκιά σκιά σκιά
ombra ombra ombra
shadow shadow shadow

10 July –
21 August 2021
2017, Castello, Venice, Italy
Rudi Williams

2017, Castello, Venice, Italy

, 2021
Hand printed chromogenic print on dibond
97.5 x 64cm
Ed of 5 + 2APs

In unfixed, Rudi Williams reflects on notions of memory and chance through the presentation of fourteen photographs in a choreographed sequence that will change over the course of the exhibition. Aware that few audience members will view every iteration, Williams has carefully composed each arrangement as a distinct encounter. Consequently, the protracted reveal of the artworks operates as both a record and reminder of time passing.

unfixed is informed by Williams’ view that each image is an artefact of experience, translated through photographic processes. It is the most recent expression of her ongoing research into photography’s influence on what is remembered, what is forgotten and the formation of attachments. In the final fragment of the exhibition, Williams teases out the intricacies of those concepts by displaying an artist book created to represent the exhibition in its entirety.

Born in Italy in 1993 and based in Narrm/Melbourne, Rudi Williams is an artist and teacher who works with historic and contemporary image-making processes.

Williams’ working process is driven by intuition, chance, and the implicit speeds of the photographic processes she utilises. Her photographs are elliptical and layered, often depicting reflections, visual anomalies, distorted architectural details and residue of human presence on surfaces. She constructs site specific installations from her photographic archive, while dissecting and displaying the mechanisms of photography as sculptural forms, to reference the history and legacy of representation and the image.