Aleks Danko Some Cultural Mediations 1949 – 2006

1 – 26 July 2006

Aleks Danko’s forthcoming exhibition “Some Cultural Mediations 1949 – 2006” invokes personal history, memory and beauty, through a series of highly detailed high key gouache drawings.

These drawings refer to his mother’s traditional Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery; in particular to a specific cushion cover she worked on with friends at The Woodside Army Camp, a migrant hostel just outside of Adelaide, when she and her husband first arrived in Australia in 1949.

The drawings are cultural mediations on his Mother’s life and a way to materialise the psychic impact of growing up in two cultures.

The exhibition’s strategies run parallel to the more overt cultural and political discourses set up in his SONGS OF AUSTRALIA project that culminated in SONGS OF AUSTRALIA VOLUME 16 at The Ian Potter Centre NGV Australia in 2004. This time around there will be folk art, music, tears and above all laughter.

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