Utako Shindo Reminiscent of long gone by

20 April –
19 May 2018
Ode to the Zephyr’s murmuring petal 2
Utako Shindo

Ode to the Zephyr’s murmuring petal 2

, 2018
Cyanotype print on paper
67 x 127cm

Utako Shindo has continued to create immersive, contemplative bodies of work that are quiet and elegant, since she first exhibited at Sutton Projects in 2009. Shindo is interested in the poetics of (un)translatability, and semantic and material translation/transformation in art. Her recent practice largely employs the various ‘transfer’ (known as “utsuru” in Japanese, meaning reflect, project, trace, emerge and transfer) processes, manifested as drawing, print, relief, photography and video, which often together comprise an installation work. For this body of new works, she explores untranslatable elements, with works formed through cyanotype printing, plaster casting and audio/visual recording as a means to capture a “trace” of an object, place and time in her sensing ‘reminiscent of long gone by’, as she expresses:

a boxed garden 
time drifts
sheltering the growths
remains of the tree, receive
untranslatable motherhood 
may forever
her ‘Ode’ to 
the Zephyr’s murmuring petal

a cinematic architecture 
the descendant
the silent sun, the moon
as it were 
a meteorite of the earth’s shadow
still fertile 
his ‘Lament’
everything is so far and long gone by

listening to misterioso
tears and laughters sleep
over cities and highways
returning to a twinkle 
for the first time and at last

Born in Tokyo in 1980, Utako Shindo has been working between Australia and Japan since 2003. She achieved her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2006, and her Masters of Fine Art in 2008, at the Victorian College of the Arts, and her Ph.D. at the interdisciplinary Centre for Ideas, VCA&MCM, the University of Melbourne in 2017. As well as being an artist, she is currently an adjunct lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo, and due to undertake a year-long research and creative project in New Mexico, USA in 2019 (funded by Agency of Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists ). Recent exhibitions include, unJapan, Kanzan Gallery, Tokyo, 2017; That is, like a brief moment to be filled, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 2017; where it is here _ it does not matter _ how I have got here _ can I forget, Sutton Projects, Melbourne, 2016; MOKUDOKU, HAGI ART, Tokyo, 2015 and Pensé en ir de alguna manera, Museo Taller Erasto Cortés, Puebla/Mexico, 2013. She was also a director and participant artist of the multifaceted international art project Immanent Landscape, 2010-2012, which toured from West Space, Melbourne to Oyama City, Kurumaya Museum of Art and Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney.