Elizabeth Gower Prismatics

26 August –
20 September 2006

Prismatics is an installation of eleven new works by Melbourne based artist Elizabeth Gower. The works continue her practice of beautifully intricate patterning made through colour fragments gleaned from contemporary urban detritus. Recycling everything from advertising catalogues to food packaging, Gower assembles remnants of familiar materials in precisely gridded mathematical systems, layering shapes and patterns. By meticulously shaping and delicately separating the desired elements from their everyday source, the artist transforms the logic of one system; visual merchandising, into that of a second; geometry, repetition and pattern.

Prismatics focuses on the hues of the colour spectrum, with each work representing an individual colour, hung side by side in one continual thread of colour and pattern. Chance fragments of the familiar, text and typography subtly disrupt the arrangement and reading of the surface. This is also particularly evident in the series of smaller works, made entirely from black and white papers, included in the exhibition.

“Since the late 1970’s, most of my works have been made from discarded papers sourced directly from the domestic and local environment. The familiar, everyday detritus, such as junk mail, food packaging, newspapers, and billboards, record transitory images, icons and events from daily life as well as geographic situation and prevailing cultural milieu of specific urban environments.”

Prismatics continues the representation of this clutter, the information-overload, making sense of it whilst also being seduced by it.

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