Raafat Ishak Eye Looking at Large Glass Broken

Heide Museum of Modern Art
22 April –
3 September 2023

Presented in the celebrated modernist building Heide Modern, Eye Looking at Large Glass Broken is a major body of work by Melbourne-based artist Raafat Ishak consisting of sculptural objects, a sound work and a series of paintings.

The project references Heide’s long-standing role as an incubator of modern and contemporary art and architecture, while taking the form of an act of cultural inquiry by bringing together a number of key speculative threads in the artist’s practice. In critiquing the museum as a site of public memory and imagination, Ishak draws upon numerous frames of reference including dominant art and political contexts and his Egyptian heritage and experience of migration.

Thought provoking and richly layered, the exhibition highlights the ongoing social and cultural change that is transforming contemporary cultures globally through multiple points of view and diversity of expression and creativity.