Kate Beynon Espirito Transcultural/ Transcultural Spirit

15 November –
15 December 2007
Phoenix Spirit
Kate Beynon

Phoenix Spirit

, 2007
Acrylic and aerosol enamel on linen
170 x 190cm

Kate Beynon’s latest series of paintings Espirito Transcultural/ Transcultural Spirit feature strong female figures intertwined with imagery adapted from domestic textiles collected over several years by the artist, such as silk embroidered robes and a chiong-sam worn by Beynon’s Grandmother in the late 1950’s.

Having recently returned from a trip to Rio de Janeiro, the works are coloured by the vibrant energy Kate experienced during the cultural festival for Semana Santa (Holy Week or Easter), a time in which the city was transformed by street parties, art and music events into a mini carnival.

Kate explains that this latest body of work continue her interest in the figure of the global citizen, “I see these works as representing trans-cultural life. The figures are women of non-defined heritage and nationality –they are global citizens, appearing alongside my contemporary versions of traditional Chinese motifs and good-luck talismans, and mixed with colours and energy drawn from the vibrant street life of tropical Rio.”

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