Wor (ks/ds) From a Collection

20 November –
12 December 2015
Works from a collection
Anthony Scott

Works from a collection

, 2016
Installation View

Sutton Projects was founded as a space to offer open ended possibilities to art makers; a converted warehouse presenting artists and curators with a setting to extend their practice unbound by the conventions of a commercial gallery.

wor(ks/ds) from an anonymous collection is one of those possibilities, an exhibition we are delighted to share, that takes us on the journey of a reclusive art collector. In this exhibition the viewer is privy to a glimpse into part of a collection, amassed with forensic detail. These text based works are drawn from this collector’s comprehensive personal repository and includes works by Eugene Carchesio,  Aleks Danko, Emily Floyd, Elizabeth Gower, Rueben Keehan, Burchill McCamley, David McDiarmid, Rose Nolan, Mike Parr, a collection of Guerrilla Girls posters and a 1970’s photograph by Robert Ashton.