Grace Wood & Kathryne Honey Feigned Indifference

23 September –
15 October 2016
Feigned Indifference
Feigned Indifference

Feigned Indifference

, 2016
Installation View

Feigned indifference is a personal interpretation of impersonality. It is a meditation on hardness and softness. Using photographic prints, silk, plaster and Perspex, Grace Wood and Kathryne Genevieve Honey create a milieu within which the images can be viewed.

A variety of techniques are utilized in making the works, where the images are abstracted, masked, cropped and covered, such that they are made impersonal through the use of distance, flatness and compression, yet synonymously personal in the softness of touch and sentiment shown through the making of the works.

Grace Wood is an artist living and working in Melbourne. In 2014, she completed her Honours in Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts. Wood is a current Seventh Gallery Board member. Recent exhibitions include Is/Is Not, West Space, 2016; Moving On/Up, Bus Projects, 2015; Some of them got the first look, Kings ARI, 2015; Blue Moves, Seventh Gallery, 2014; From the window to the wall, Fort Delta, 2014; and Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, 2014.

Kathryne Genevieve Honey completed a bachelor of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013. Exhibitions include an upcoming exhibition at C3 Contemporary Art Space and previous exhibitions at Kitchen Gallery, The Centre for Contemporary Photography, Queensland Centre for Photography, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, George Paton Gallery, and the Weinman–Scida Project Space.