Review: Helen Hughes, ‘Stephen Bush’, Artforum

September 2023

Read Helen Hughes insightful review of Stephen Bush’s most recent exhibition A Troubled Mind in ARTFORUM.

“‘A Troubled Mind’ was an evocative title for Stephen Bush’s most recent exhibition. Characteristic of the artist’s practice, which spans almost five decades now, certain tropes reappeared across many of the paintings like demons that could not be exorcised. A preening cockerel, a goat looking back at the viewer over its left shoulder, a potbellied man pissing on the street, another man with several pipes dangling ostentatiously from his mouth—these forms echoed across this body of work produced, for the most part, over the past three years. Some of the motifs—for instance, the farm animals—have been haunting Bush’s practice for far longer, reflecting the artist’s childhood on a farm in rural Victoria.”