Laresa Kosloff New Futures™

11 June –
3 July 2021

New Futures TM is the third in a series of short films by Laresa Kosloff that use commercial stock footage to explore the sociopolitical conditions of late capitalism. This new film tells the story of a biohacking company that can medically upgrade personalities. Elite clients use the service to enhance their charisma and prosper within the commercial realm. Successful individuals are traded as financial stock, until a group of disgruntled hackers endeavor to disrupt the system. Kosloff’s film explores competitive individualism, personal branding and the continual struggle of subjecthood in a hierarchical world.  

Selected solo exhibitions

La Perruque, Spring1883 with Sutton Gallery, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, 2018; Lets do something, Monash University Campus, Prato, Italy, 2015; The Russian Project, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, 2012 and Office skate, commissioned by ACCA, public projection at the Melbourne City Square, 2011

Selected group exhibitions

This brittle light: Light Source commissions, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne, 2021; Guirguis New Art Prize, Art Gallery of Ballarat and Post Office Gallery, Federation University, Ballarat, 2019; In Prato, MADA Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne, 2018; Redlands Konika Minolta Art Prize, curated by Callum Morton, NAS Gallery, Sydney, 2017; Design and Play, curated by Lisa Byrne and Larissa Hjorth, RMIT Design Hub, 2016 and Art as a Verb, curated by Charlotte Day, Francis E. Parker and Patrice Sharkey, MUMA, 2014.

Artist’s profile Jan Bryant, 'With Being Nothing', 2021