Peter Robinson Line Work

7 August –
6 September 2008
Peter Robinson


, 2008
Dimensions variable

New Zealand artist Peter Robinson’s work is historically known for its critical exploration on issues of identity and ethnicity. Originally trained as a sculptor, Robinson’s work expands beyond sculpture into drawing, painting and other media. He has continually shifted tack throughout
his career in his use of materials and techniques and the content he addresses. Robinson’s early works were concerned with personal and racial issues as he analysed and responded to his part-Maori heritage. His more recent work has shifted from this rhetoric, becoming increasingly abstracted; exploring the materiality of the mediums he works with. These current works with cascades, swags and trails of differently scaled polystyrene chains share associations of great strength and constrained force.

Robinson will be presenting the massive and the minute here at Sutton Gallery this September with one major large scale work, alongside a series of delicate line drawings.