Sutton Projects

230 Young Street, Fitzroy
1 - 5pm Fri & Sat

Sutton Gallery's converted warehouse has an exciting series of experimental art projects scheduled throughout the year. An alternative to the conventional gallery space, the venue offers new possibilities for artists seeking to extend their exhibiting language and potential.

Invited artists are given space to try out new ideas and approaches that will supplement and stretch their practice. Unrestricted by the formalities of a commercial show, these artists are freed to play with more temporal forms of representation, such as performance, multimedia and site specific installations.

Artists may choose to use the project as an opportunity to broaden their horizons through collaboration with other artists or by taking on the role of curator. The space also provides a platform for artists wishing to reflect on the processes and outcomes of external projects that viewers would not ordinarily have access to, such as residencies and public commissions.

Projects will change over every 4-5 weeks during 2018.



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Artwork from exhibition by Joan Brossa, Aleks Danko, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Mike Parr, Alex Selenitsch, Alan Riddell and Richard Tipping

24 March 2018 - 21 April 2018

Joan Brossa, Aleks Danko, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Mike Parr, Alex Selenitsch, Alan Riddell and Richard Tipping

works from an anonymous collection II

"There are many different kinds of collectors in the same way that there are different kinds of artists - and there are many different approaches and motivations for the collection you build. My advice would always be to expose yourself to as much work as possible and see what you're drawn to."
Jennifer Higgie, 2017

works from an anonymous collection II
is the second iteration of an exhibition from a reclusive art collector's treasury. The focus of the current exhibition is specifically text-based works from Joan Brossa, Aleks Danko, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Mike Parr, Alex Selenitsch, Alan Riddell and Richard Tipping.

Joan Brossa was a poet, but his works stood at a crossroad of languages. Frequently collaborating with other artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, comedians and even magicians, his work constantly went against the grain and beyond the limits between disciplines. Aleks Danko's prolific career spans over thirty years, working in a range of media from installation and performance art to public commissions. The past decade has seen Danko create a body of work which suggests, discusses and interrogates the social, political and cultural landscape of Australia. Ian Hamilton Finlay was a short-story writer, poet, concrete poet, visual and conceptual artist, sculptor, gardener and classical moralist, now internationally recognised for his contributions to each of these spheres of culture. Repetition, imitation and tradition lay at the heart of Hamilton's poetry, and exploring the juxtaposition of apparently opposite ideas. Mike Parr is one of Australia's pre-eminent artists with a practice spanning performance, film, painting, sculpture and printmaking. Emerging from a background of conceptual art in the early 1970s, his interrogatory poems and word works escalated into the provocative performance art for which he is now recognised internationally. Alex Selenitsch has worked as an architect and urban designer in public and private practices in Australia and England, with long stretches as a sole practitioner in Melbourne. His concrete poems were the first of the genre to be published in Australia, and he continues to research and publish the aesthetic possibilities of a spatial literature. Alan Riddell a poet and a journalist was the author of a well known work on typewriter art. He has been included in numerous journals for his poetry throughout the world; and worked as a journalist for the Age, Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald. Richard Tipping is known as both a poet and artist. His artwork often bridges text and image, from large public sculptures to photographs, prints of concrete poetry and 'art signs'.

Image: Aleks Danko, THE ALPHABET, INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED AND SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION (f/or, Emily Foiled), 1970-2017, glass preserving jar, rubber, distilled water and laser-cut, engraved acrylic sheet, signed, editioned and dated, 22 x 11cm

Artwork from exhibition by Susan Hawkins and Clare Rae

16 February 2018 - 10 March 2018

Susan Hawkins and Clare Rae

Irrational Behaviour

For their two-person exhibition at Sutton Projects Clare Rae and Susan Hawkins have explored ideas of resilience and repetition, creating works using a call and response methodology to explore parallels and the potential for conceptual crossover within their practices. Both artists engage in themes of domesticity through the use of material objects in spatial contexts. Often employing an absurdist approach to art-making, the resulting works in this exhibition are gently humorous and simultaneously uncomfortable, traversing the sometimes awkward and complex territory between bodies and materials.

Born and raised in Gunnedah, NSW, Susan Hawkins is currently based between Brisbane and Melbourne. An emerging artist with a playful, process-oriented practice, Hawkins received a Bachelor of Fine Art (double major of sculpture and jewellery and small objects) from the Queensland College of Art in 2014. Exhibiting for five years, she has been a part of many group shows, including the Willoughby Sculpture Prize, 2013 in Sydney. In 2014 she was a finalist in the prestigious Gas Award, GUAG, Queensland College of Art, in 2016 a finalist in the Gold Coast Art Awards, Gold Coast City Art Gallery and a finalist in the Redlands Art Awards, Redland Art Gallery. Since Graduating Hawkins has held two solo exhibitions, Make of Me at Blindside Melbourne in 2016 and in 2017 The Remainder at Metro Arts Brisbane.

In her photographic practice Clare Rae explores ideas of performance and gesture to interrogate and subvert dominant modes of representation. Her work is informed by feminist theory, and presents an alternate and often awkward experience of the female body. Known for her engagement with domestic and institutional spaces, recently Rae's work has been captured and exhibited in locations such as the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), the National Gallery of Victoria, Monash University, the Abbotsford Convent, and the Substation, Melbourne. Rae completed a Master of Arts by research in 2014 at Monash University, and received first class Honours in Fine Art in 2009 at RMIT University. Her work is held in public and private collections nationally, including Artbank, The National Gallery of Victoria, Monash University, and RMIT University.

We invite you to come and hear Clare Rae and Susan Hawkins talk about their work at Sutton Projects on Saturday March 10th at 3pm.