17 November 2011 - 17 December 2011

Vivienne Binns


Sutton Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Vivienne Binns which furthers her interest in materiality and visual languages. In this new series of paintings Binns presents a detailed and complex layering of imagery that explores - and shifts between - ways of forming a surface; through pattern, form and chance.

Paying rigorous attention to both the formal and metaphorical aspects of her canvasses, Binns has created a series of six, variously scaled paintings that exude energy and endless enquiry. Her subtle and layered works employ a visual language which mixes pictorial modes of representation with abstraction. The paintings range from patterned and chromatic clashes to a reproduction of a postcard from the 70s/80s which Binns has spent decades considering various ways to re-present. She has an ongoing interest in themes of the ordinary, the outsider and the social meaning of art; while also acknowledging that a lifetime of personal experience, knowledge and questioning consciously and unconsciously pervades each work she creates.

Binns came to prominence in the late 1960s and has established herself as a highly respected and astute artist within the Australian artistic landscape. Her early practice undertook a groundbreaking and provocative examination of womanhood and sexuality in Australia. Throughout the 70s she implemented a number of collaborative projects in rural communities, which saw her travel around country New South Wales in a caravan involving people in arts projects along the way. Having now returned to a focus on studio-based painting, Binns' current work draws on the knowledge and experience she has gained during more than forty years of practice as a visual artist; especially her career-long engagement with abstraction.

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Artwork from exhibition by Vivienne Binns

Minding Square, 2011

acrylic on canvas
152.5 x 183.5cm