13 April 2006 - 10 May 2006

Stephen Bush, HEOVELAKEN


The fantastical landscapes and worlds in this new group of paintings by Melbourne artist Stephen Bush lead the viewer down a weird and wonderful path. A series of lush, rich, explosive works, Bush further develops his mindful contemplation of the word "desire" and its many and varied implications.

Bush has established a strong presence in Australia over the last 20 years for his depictions of diverse subjects such as potatoes, farming machinery, antiquated computers, and ambiguous yet intriguing landscapes. In HEOVELAKEN, the artist extends his surreal world in the attempt to further explore an element which is unexplainable, one driven by the unconscious. Continuing with a fascination with the alpine vista and mountain location, the works become a metaphor for life's accent or quest for fulfilment, be it personal, spiritual or financial, and relating to our individual inherent ambitions. Set against this energetic contemplation is the image of a dwelling, a home structure, or a fanciful form of shelter, individualised to meet our particular needs.

The process of the works dictates the creative agenda for the artist on his exploratory path, an agenda realised in two stages: the first involving pouring paint directly onto the canvas and allowing a freeform image to appear, and the second developing a narrative through a discovery of a figurative element in the spills and tumbles of paint. This the artist translates as manipulating the present information to encourage the formal structure. It is the tension of locating this narrative or pictorial reasoning that is of particular interest to the artist.

HEOVELAKEN is Stephen Bush's third solo exhibition with Sutton Gallery, and follows a sell-out NYC show in 2005, with rave reviews in Art & America and Artforum.

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Artwork from exhibition by Stephen Bush,


Oil and enamel on linen
183 x 183cm