13 November 2010 - 18 December 2010


Sutton Gallery is pleased to announce pulp, a group exhibition of new works on paper by many of Sutton Gallery's artists. Whether used as a developmental step in the creative process or as an end in itself, the versatility and immediacy of working on paper is its greatest appeal. Working with or on paper is an aspect of almost every studio practice and this exhibition is an opportunity to present an exciting body of work by a diverse group of contemporary artists. A range of mediums including oil, enamel, watercolour, digital printing, pencil, gouache, collage and acrylic are used by the artists to reflect on the paper's inherent possibilities. For pulp this fibrous material is diversely manipulated by the artist's individual conceptual and creative interests.

The exhibition will include works by Catherine Bell, Gordon Bennett, Stephen Bush, Eugene Carchesio, Jon Cattapan, Brett Colquhoun, Aleks Danko, Elizabeth Gower, Helga Groves, Sara Hughes, Ruth Hutchinson, Raafat Ishak, Helen Johnson, David Jolly, Lindy Lee, Nick Mangan, Rosslynd Piggott, Nick Selenitsch, Jackson Slattery and Jane Trengove.

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