11 March 2010 - 10 April 2010

Simon Terrill, Crowd Theory - Southbank


      Sutton Gallery is pleased to present Crowd Theory - Southbank, 2007 a recent photographic work by Simon Terrill. In this mural-sized work the artist brings together elements of performance, visual art and public engagement to investigate ideas of community and the nature of crowds.
      The Crowd Theory series provides the viewer with a ‘trace document' of photographic performance events. These works arrest the fleeting moment of equilibrium between the chaos of undirected crowds and elements of cohesion and harmony associated with communities. In his photographs Terrill seeks the "ultimate equality, a version of events where the differences between people dissolve for those fleeting moments when a group of people can be called a crowd". Crowd Theory - Southbank, entices the viewer with the promise of voyeuristic delights, providing glimpses into private homes that lie exposed behind the glass walls of towering apartment buildings. The photograph was a "massive undertaking that involved 350 residents from two imposing apartment blocks in the centre of Melbourne's CBD."


Artist's profile

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Simon Terrill CV (PDF)

Artwork from exhibition by Simon Terrill,

Crowd Theory - Southbank, 2007

produced in association with Footscray Arts Centre and City of Melbourne