24 June 2010 - 24 July 2010

, Viridian Eye


Sutton Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Jon Cattapan, Viridian Eye. In this body of works, the artist extends his exploration of ‘Night Visions' drawn from his experiences as a commissioned artist for the Australian War Memorial in Timor Leste during 2008.

Whilst in Timor Leste, Cattapan visited a number of temporary bases at Gleno, Bacau, Maliana and Vekeki. Following Australian peace keeping forces on their night patrols, the artist was able to digitally record images of expeditions using night vision and infra-red technology. Here, Cattapan captured the sporadic fluctuations of night vision data as it intersected with the physical landscape, to reveal pockets of human activity and interaction. In this way, the experience can be understood to have resonated strongly with Cattapan's previous and iconic explorations of cityscapes that have often depicted the interrelationship of human activity and networks of digital exchange.

In this new series of paintings Cattapan's experience in Timor Leste is echoed in the ambiguous arrangements of figures and grounds based on memories, sketches from the field, new studio drawings of friends and family and many hundreds of digital photographs taken. Cattapan's loose fluid grounds achieve a luminosity of the night vision vistas whilst simultaneously enhancing the sketchiness of the foregrounded figures. A multitude of possible narratives exist in these layered interactions.


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