11 March 2010 - 10 April 2010

, The Yellow Line


     Sutton Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Deborah Paauwe's recent photographic series The Yellow Line. This fascinating body of work fuses the ubiquitous road marking of the yellow line with the artist's ongoing investigation of the female subject.
     Much of Paauwe's childhood was spent on the road, traversing countless states of America as a passenger in the back of her parents' station wagon. Whereas road trips are typically associated with freedom, escape and the revitalising power of the open sky, these photographs explore something less liberating, an experience of restraint and prohibited boundary felt by the artis as a child.
     The images in The Yellow Line are staged against a muted gray interior of an empty car park, with cropped female figures in each, somewhat akin to the framing device the car window provides as we attempt to look out onto the surroundings going by. These images appear somewhat voyeuristic and ominous, as if something indefinable is ever so slightly astray, suggesting the effects of childhood memories carried by the artist and their resonance within her adult life.



Artwork from exhibition by  ,

The Yellow Line #2, 2009
Edition of 6