26 November 2009 - 19 December 2009

Nicholas Selenitsch, psychic income


psychic income revolves around a series of hand-made, hand-painted frisbee-mandalas, which playfully explore a nexus where economics, aesthetics and cultural meaning collide. Expressing the artist's characteristic resistance to conclusive statements, psychic income is a conceptual playground where incongruous visual experiences combine, antithetical cultural practices interpenetrate, and polarised spiritual and secular sensibilities co-exist. Adopting an iconographic language built around the Euro, Dollar, Pound, Yen and Yuan symbols, Selenitsch's vibrantly coloured, intricately patterned ‘moneymandalas' depict the world's major currencies as simultaneously integrated and differentiated, intertwined and juxtaposed, meaningful and meaningless.


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Artwork from exhibition by Nicholas Selenitsch,