30 April 2009 - 30 May 2009

Eugene Carchesio, Interplanetary light transmission drawings (volume two)


Sutton Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Eugene Carchesio, Interplanetary light transmission drawings (volume two). Following the success of a major survey show held at Queensland Art Gallery in 2008, this exhibition furthers the artist's concern with locating the lyrical in the everyday.

Exhibiting since the early 1980s, Carchesio is known for his exquisitely executed watercolours, in which he explores an interest in the purity of shapes and geometry. His latest watercolours build in a serial fashion, using cycles of patterns and motifs through which a lively sense of rhythm, tonality and composition emerges. These miniature symphonies possess a kind of weightlessness of form which seems to defy the gravity of everyday life.

Carchesio's ability to lure beauty from simple things is carried over to his beguiling sculptural pieces, fashioned from slight interventions in everyday materials. These seemingly effortless and anti-spectacle constructions engage with the history of the readymade, in their desire to register the residual energy of materials which have been used by someone else.

For Interplanetary light transmission drawings (volume two) B, Carchesio has pulled apart pieces of defunct electronic equipment, salvaging their internal components and reconstructing them into a bustling network of transistors, resistors and capacitors. The work registers the artist's concern with the metaphorical potential of electronic pulses; their oscillating dispersion and sublimation resonating with circuits at both a social and neural level.

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Carchesio_Interplanetary light transmission drawings (volume two) 2009_ Press Release

Artwork from exhibition by Eugene Carchesio,

Interplanetary light transmission drawings (volume two) A, 2009