13 November 2008 - 20 December 2008

Nicholas Mangan, A1 Southwest Stone @ the project space



Nick Mangan was one of 22 international artists invited to participate in the seventh SITE Santa Fe International Biennial. These artists were asked by the Curator, Lance Fung, to develop a temporal site specific work for the exhibition. Mangan embarked on the creation of an archaeological dig at an abandoned workshop, AI Southwest Stone, and the empty plot next door.

Mangan is known for interrogating narratives embedded in a diverse range of objects. Reassessing the histories of objects is this time extended to the location or site. At A1 Southwest Stone, Nick revels in the abundance of cultural histories; American, Hispanic and Anglo, and concocts his own series of fictions. His fabrication of an archeological dig was extensive; not only claiming he had found evidence of ancient Indian inhabitants but going so far as to place a notice in the local paper requesting the return of items which supposedly had been removed from the site.

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MANGAN_A1 Southwest Stone_Press Release Nov 2008 (PDF)

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Artwork from exhibition by Nicholas Mangan,

A1 Southwest Stone