05 June 2008 - 19 July 2008

Nicholas Selenitsch, Not Flying, Jumping: Sutton Gallery Project Space


For "Not flying, jumping" Nick Selenitsch has created a series of artwork/kite/abstractions from casual office shirts.
His interest is in the idea of flying and how it relates to notions of poetic transcendence and moments of suspended cognition.

"Gravity inevitably pins us to the earth. The phrase "down to earth" can be read as a way to describe someone or something as reassuringly practical, utilitarian and rooted in the ‘real' world. Flying away from the ‘real' world is a frivolous dream."

"Not flying, jumping" refects upon moments where logic and meaning fall away to reveal the complex paradoxical nature of being. Moments where circles are simultaneously 0's, targets and symbols for cultural ideas of ‘Nothing', as well as just circles. Moments where a kite is a symbol of an aspirational venture yet is also just a beautiful ornamental form. Moments where visual poetry can exist and it's ok not to know.

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Selenitsch_Not Flying, Jumping text_2008

Nick Selenitsch CV (PDF)

Artwork from exhibition by Nicholas Selenitsch,

Kites, 2008

shirt, thread, wood, adhesive and acrylic paint
73 x 58 x 13cm