16 October 2008 - 15 November 2008

Stephen Bush, The devil drives


Sutton Gallery is pleased to present The devil drives, an exhibition of new works by Melbourne artist Stephen Bush. Employing his idiosyncratic painting style, Bush presents visually arresting works which grapple with the nuances of the compulsion we call "desire".

Lurid pinks, greens, purples and yellows erupt onto the canvas creating psychedelic landscapes. These fluid backgrounds are overlaid with carefully crafted pockets of detail. Process is as crucial to Bush's practice as the finished product. Pouring paint liberally onto the canvas he allows it to flow freely, once dry he then builds up pictorial elements suggested by the splatters and spills of its luscious surface. The resulting imagery contains compelling tensions between chaos and control, the illusive and tangible, unease and comfort, utopia and the apocalyptic.

The devil drives is Stephen Bush's fourth solo exhibition with Sutton Gallery, and follows on from a period of intense critical attention for the artist.

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Stephen Bush CV 2009 (PDF)

BUSH_The Devil Drives_Press Release Oct 2008 (PDF)

Artwork from exhibition by Stephen Bush,

Faith in worthless knowledge

Oil and enamel on linen
183 x 183cm