03 July 2008 - 02 August 2008


"Jon Cattapan's art has always had a reflective quality: not a search for self-definition or stylistic summation but a real sense of curiosity about the themes that have interested him. In the new century, entering his fourth decade as an artist, Cattapan has taken these beyond the personal - he has begun to express them in national and historical terms. His engagement with globalism took him into territories where political controversies centred on national character were being played out: internationalism versus isolationism, immigration versus border security, individual liberty versus national interest. Since around 2000 he has also been working with images of watershed moment in recent Australian history, making paintings that attempt to articulate his own experience of an evolving Australian culture, or something of his generation'sgeist."

Dr Chris McAuliffe, Jon Cattapan: Possible Histories, 2008


John Cattapan CV (PDF)

Artwork from exhibition by

Blind Faith

oil on linen
140 x 140cm