13 March 2008 - 19 April 2008

Rosslynd Piggott, Circling Ether


The paintings in Circling Ether epitomize Piggott alchemy-like ability to grasp seemingly transient and indefinable nuance of existence and transforms them into the material.

The works in this exhibition foreground Piggott's sophisticated engagement with materials and her ongoing exploration of the relation of light and dark in nature, as the textured, reflective gold leaf surfaces contrast dramatically with the totalising black and pink forms. The material relationships in these works will become increasingly nuanced over time as the matt paint holds steadfast while the gold tarnishes and transforms with the years.

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Rosslynd Piggot \"Circling Ether\" (PDF)

Artwork from exhibition by Rosslynd Piggott,

Double Bough

oil and palladium leaf on linen
1.5 x 3m