16 November 2017 - 16 December 2017

Daniel Noonan, Being Built


The title Being Built immediately references both the physical and conceptual formation of this body of work - it can refer to the building of the material, the building of an idea, or the building of experiences and expectation. In this way Noonan draws our attention to the connection between the physical works before us and the physical/sensory creative action of the artist.

Layered with imagery a raw honesty prevails throughout these paintings. For Noonan, colour, form and composition, are cues for a personal interpretation of experience and psychology. His painterly practice performs as a language to translate sensory responses.

Compositions reference preliminary drawings, collected phrases, and more specifically here a family photograph taken at a communist camp at Yarra Junction, and a 1940's futuristic watercolour by an unknown French painter. This source material points to a culmination of ideas and desires. Obscured figures and landscapes appear throughout this predominantly abstract series. Areas of light fall into dark, broad gestural marks are cut by sharp lines and blocks of colour and a consistent trace of figures draws in the viewer to navigate what is depicted. The deliberate ambiguity of these paintings is enticing yet a desire to decode his cryptic representations is interrupted by the ever present physicality of the work.

The addition of the second right angled panel (not diptych) attempts to reach beyond an expected format, into a sculptural space, to present something other what may be initially implied. This repeated format coupled with expressive mark making, and bold use of colour across all works, expresses a desire for unification, and a return to the fundamentals of matter and particles - material being built.

Daniel Noonan is an artist living/working in Brooklyn, NY. Born in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia. Noonan attended the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) 1997. Through the late 90ʼs and 2000ʼs Noonan exhibited in various solo and group shows in Melbourne and Sydney and was member of artist group "DAMP"during this time. Noonan relocated to New York in 2005. Recent exhibitions include Working Pictures, Dutton, NY, 2016 and Painting more Painting, ACCA, Melb 2015. He has a forthcoming exhibition at Beers in London, 75 WORKS ON PAPER. His work is held in collections of Artbank (Australia), the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia) and the collections of James Mollison AO, John McBride, Joyce Nissan collection, as well as private collections in Australia, United States and Europe.

Artwork from exhibition by  Daniel Noonan,