23 April 2016 - 21 May 2016

Tully Moore, Deep Water


It was only last month that I attended an auction house and purchased a painting that I have now found out is a fake. I came across some money courtesy of an investment in an unscrupled diamond mine in Sierra Leone, this investment was made possible by accumulating interest via my off shore account in Bermuda. The money in this account was courtesy of the sales of my mass produced outrageously overpriced housing ponzi scheme that duped my investors. This money was made available from a fraudulent racing scheme where we presented a horse as another, the scam involved a syndicate headed by myself, in which we put in place a horse that looked almost identical to the nag it was impersonating, instead of it running like the busted ass it usually was our ring in performed much better and lead us on to greater riches. But alas our ventures are now failures because of this bloody painting from the auction house.

Sutton Gallery is delighted to invite Tully Moore, a Melbourne-based artist whose practice primarily explores urban themes through the painting of urban and sub-urban scenic fragments. Moore navigates landscapes and is drawn in by the different facets that make the backdrop to contemporary living. The likes of design, intervention, and decay are a constant and his subsequent paintings / installations can be read as incidental maps of the terrain. Precise in their execution, the resultant works often feature a mix of subject matter with a focus on politics, satire and signage. Combining in a cacophony of meaning and banality.

In 2008 Moore completed his Honours in Fine Art at the VCA. He has been a lecturer at the VCA since 2009 and has exhibited at leading Artist Run Initiative's nationally as well as the National Gallery of Victoria. Moore was also the recipient of the John Vickery Scholarship and the Roger Kemp Memorial Prize in 2007 whilst studying at VCA and in 2011 was a recipient of the Australia Council Residency (Liverpool, UK). In 2013 Tully was awarded the Marten Bequest Scholarship for painting. From 2014-16 Moore had a studio residency at Gertrude Contemporary and was the recipient of a Creative Victoria grant in 2015.

Artwork from exhibition by  Tully Moore,