Laresa Kosloff


Laresa Kosloff makes performative videos, Super 8 films, installations and live performance works. Her practice examines various representational strategies, each one linked by an interest in the body and its agency within the everyday. Recent artworks have involved a variety of participants such as lawn bowlers, celebrity artists, museum visitors, personal trainers and local residents in Prato, Italy. Recurrent themes in Kosloff's practice include humour and tension between received cultural values, individual agency and free will.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Lets do something, Monash University Campus, Prato, Italy, 2015; The Russian Project, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, 2012 and Office skate, commissioned by ACCA, public projection at the Melbourne City Square, 2011

Selected group exhibitions include: Redlands Konika Minolta Art Prize, curated by Callum Morton, NAS Gallery, Sydney, 2017; Design and Play, curated by Lisa Byrne and Larissa Hjorth, RMIT Design Hub, 2016 and Art as a Verb, curated by Charlotte Day, Francis E. Parker and Patrice Sharkey, MUMA, 2014.

Her work is held in many significant public and private collections including: Artbank, The University of Queensland Art Museum and The Michael Buxton Collection, Melbourne.


Laresa Kosloff CV 2017

Artwork by Laresa Kosloff

Lets do something in Italian, 2015

HD video still