Kate Smith


Born Cootamundra, New South Wales in 1980; currently lives and works Melbourne, Australia.

Whilst Kate Smith is a painter, much of her work has a three-dimensional quality, incorporating small works on canvas-board, ephemera, paint-spattered fabric and clothes, and sculptural objects that are part prop, part artwork - and in another life may have had a functional use.

Smith employs a vivid palette collaged with a myriad of familiar objects and although there is a joyful freshness and spontaneity, these works slowly evolve; partially worked canvases surround Smith in her studio where they sporadically demand her attention, and through multiple workings-or in her words, 'tinkering out a solution'-these accomplished paintings emerge.

Her works are imbued with visual references to Western art history and her interpretation of this is a personal one. Smith's choice of media such as patterned cloth, wood, stockings and rope, bring to the works reflections on her adolescence in rural Australia and both a playful warmth and a bravado leap off these surfaces.

Smith's paintings are sites of discovery; stylistically grounded in a historical context and overlaid with a cheeky nod to kitsch.

Kate Smith completed a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Arts (Visual) (First Class Honours) at the Australian National University (ANU) and the ANU School of Art, Canberra, in 2005. In the same year she was the recipient of the ANU School of Art Peter Fay Graduate Award. She recently had a studio residency at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, between 2010 and 2011, as well as Artspace, Sydney, in 2011.

Selected individual exhibitions include: Deep Privacy/Convex, Sutton Gallery, 2012; Teenage Boi Boi Sounds, Sutton Gallery, 2011; Dumb Sampler, Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, 2011; Gesturing to the Chilli, db, Sydney, 2011; Minnie the Moocher, (in collaboration with Alex Vivian), The West Wing, Melbourne, 2011; Monkey makes a painting, Y3K Gallery, Melbourne, 2010; 'You're the C**T, Donut', Ocular Lab inc., Melbourne, 2010; and *tastes self*, (in collaboration with Alex Vivian), Hell Gallery, Melbourne, 2009.

Selected group exhibitions include: Collage: The Heide Collection, Heide Museum of Modern Art; Like Mike, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda; Regimes of Value, Margaret Lawrence Gallery and The Substation, Melbourne, all 2013; The Churchie: National Emerging Art Exhibition, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane, 2011; Detours through Abstraction, curated by Alex Baker, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne, 2011; Geoff Newton & Kate Smith, Sutton Gallery Project Space, 2011; Death in the Mourning, Death be Kind, Melbourne, 2011; New World Records, Sutton Gallery, 2009; Cross Colouring, Gambia Castle, Auckland, 2009; and A Time Like This, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, 2008.



K Smith CV 2016

Artwork by Kate Smith

Tents + Flags, 2014

acrylic on canvas on aluminium
20.5 x 40.8cm